Re: Excuses for getting more covered (cement) hoppers?

Donald B. Valentine

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The Genesee & Wyoming owned no freight cars at all in 1959, but by
1963 they had acquired 100 40' box cars w/ 7' doors (from ?) and 50
unique roll-up roof covered hoppers (rebuilds). By 1965 they added
100 brand new Pullman Standard 3500cft covered hoppers (you can
how long those lasted in salt service!). Jim Sands posted an
shot of GNWR 710034 in Marshalltown Iowa in 1969. Ultimately I guess
they figured out that used cars was the way to go -- I'd see whole
unit trains of them in the early 1990's.

Leo Landry built a gorgeous model of one of the roll-up roof hoppers
but I think it was burned up in his apartment fire in Bellows Falls.

So sadly for STMFC fans, no G&W freight cars.

Tim O'Connor

Thanks for that info, Tim, even if it does eliminate any justification for G&W rollingstock with my 1948 cut-off date.

Leo Landry is one of the nicest people one could meet but the poor fellow's luck seems to run somewhere bewteen slim and none.
Few of us have suffered the tragedies he has had to live with in
recent years.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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