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Bruce Smith

On Jun 21, 2010, at 9:16 AM, dakkinder wrote:
Thanks Clark,
Well i just purchased a Intermountain #46305 8000 gal riveted Canton tank car company it has a white tank and red lettering i beleive this would fit into my era's .
It's hard to be specific and frustrating when i have little knowledge of the subject. All i can say is this is what i want to do does anyone have any suggestions as far as road names and paint schemes etc and then i will hunt them down and put them together or buy them.

Do what I do, search the archives BEFORE you buy <G>! As for what to look for, the vast majority of tank cars were privately owned, which is reflected in the models offered. Those private fleets changed over time with mergers, so again, what is appropriate for the 1930s is completely wrong for the 1940s, etc. Certain tank car lines served certain oil companies, usually regionally, so if you are modeling specific facilities then you need to look in the archives or ask about that company. If you're modeling based on the national fleet as described in the archives (as I do for WWII), then you're in deep doo doo since you need buckets of UTLX cars, but the IM UTLX marked type 27 is incorrectly painted, and there is no RTR model of the common UTLX X-3 class cars (there is a resin kit). What that leaves you with is SHPX marked cars as an excellent starting point. For other specific owners, search the archives with "tank car midwest" and enjoy the reading material you will generate ;^)


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