Re: What tank cars would be most appropriate . . .

Tim O'Connor

Tony, what I meant is that the ORER info -combined- with the
Proto 2000 lettering can help you decide whether the car is
appropriate for your era. So far I haven't heard about any
bogus schemes or car numbers on the P2K cars although many are
too early for me.

Tim O'Connor

At 6/21/2010 02:58 PM Monday, you wrote:
Tim O'Connor wrote:
Generally you can trust the lettering on the Proto 2000 models but
you're taking a big chance with Intermountain models! It helps to
have an appropriate Equipment Register (ORER) for your era so you
can check up on the owners and car numbers.
Tim is right about what you can trust. But the ORER doesn't
always solve problems--some bogus paint schemes have used authentic
initials and car numbers, but applied them to entirely wrong bodies.
Are such models closer to "correct" than if the car numbers are
imaginary? Your call.

Tony Thompson

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