Re: [Gould Railroad Standard Wooden Cabooses

Tim O'Connor

The Van Sweringen roads didn't share any caboose designs?

At 6/21/2010 06:49 PM Monday, you wrote:
The "Harriman" (UP CA, SP???) is the only "standard" wood caboose I am aware of.
St. Charles car company built cars for the CB&Q, MP, CM, and others that were pretty much alike (like the Morrison-International "Wide Vision" cars are similar) but not identical.
The so-called "USRA" wood caboose may be close but I haven't seen any study on the pedigree of that family to say if it qualifies as a "standard", even the steel version has about as many variations as the ATSF "1900" clones (WAB, Alton, CRR, etc..).
Charlie Vlk

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