Mystery Boxcar


Along the old Wabash near Minneola Iowa, are three wrecked boxcars lying on their sides tilted down into a gully. One appears to be a N&W B-5 or similar (flat X29 type roof, 5-4 blank W corner post ends, full length side sill with slight fish belly. The other one is a classic steel side rebuild of a USRA single sheathed boxcar with underframe widening gussets, 4:4 sides and a high tack board like the Wabash cars.

The third car however, is a bit of a mystery to me:

50', Enterprise type ends, diagonal panel roof, double youngstown doors, DF rails, full length side sills that extend all the way to the car end and 4 channels on the center sill, possibly an early sliding center sill. The ends have the remains of some black car cement on them. No paint markings remain on any of the cars. With a diagonal panel roof and Enterprise ends, it's clearly a rebuild of some type.

Anyone have any ideas of what this car might be, or what it was rebuilt from? Also, if it turns out this car was a post 1960 rebuild, my apologies for posting this question on the list!

Olin Dirks
Omaha, NE

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