Wabash AC& F Cabooses circa 1925-27 <was> Gould Standard Wooden Cabooses -


Thank you for the information, Victor

Did the special issue give you any insight into Wabash cabooses that might have built during the Gould era? IIRC, George Gould lost control of the roads he controlled (including the Wabash) circa 1911 - 1912. Some of the AC&F cabooses were delivered to Missouri Pacific just about the time Gould was losing control.

Mike Carson

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Chet French would probably have more detailed info but the wooden Wabash cabooses that looked very much like a Mopac caboose were known by railroaders and fans as the "Twenty-Six Hundreds". They were numbered 2600 to 2654 with the first twenty five cars build by American Car & Foundry and the balance by the Wabash. This is per a special Banner caboose magazine issue wrtitten by Dr. C.C. Drake, Jr., back in 1994. If you have an interest in critical dimensions for comparisons I can provide those here too. They were built from 1925 to 1927.

Victor Baird
Fort Wayne, Indiana

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