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Denny Anspach wrote:
That he made most of his ubiquitous inspection tours over the UP and SP occupying his favorite ILLINOIS CENTRAL office car reminds the reader once again of the important role that this still-important mid-America line played, and was still playing in the vast railroad games of the period.
Even while holding titles as President of both UP and SP, and serving as Board Chairman for UP, with all the administrative direction of the Associated Lines in his hands, Harriman did continue to hold his seat on the IC Board, which he had held for years prior to the UP takeover (and he also retained his extensive amount of IC stock). But he only obtained actual control of the IC for a short period very late in his life, and that control was financial, not managerial; IC was never part of the Associated Lines. I don't disagree with what Denny says, but do not want any misunderstanding to develop of the position of the IC relative to the Associated Lines. There is already too much of that <g>.

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