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Yes, it is "funny how decals can spur a whole new construction projects".

I bought a set of RailCad decals made by the late Robert W. Smith for a GTW 40' steel, 7' door boxcar. Then I bought a Branchline car to put them on, and found out that Branchline already offers this car decorated for the GTW!!

Oh, well... :/

Steve Lucas.

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Funny how new decals can spur a whole new construction project.

Starting with an undec IM kit car, I thought about doing one of those infamous square-corner 10'6" boxcars, so I played around with a set of the old DA 5-5 ends for awhile and realized those things were intended to fit an Athearn car back in the days when cutting off molded-on ladders was your only choice. They are sort of vaguely half-way between square and round corner. So, those went into the recycle bin.

Then I realized I had all the parts I needed to do one of the home-built IC cars with riveted sides and P-S roof and ends. IM once sold the various parts separately, when those product lines were new. Back then the parts were even molded in red plastic.

The IM P-S roof and ends fit perfectly on the body. The blank end on the carbody conflicts with the underside of the roof, but I cut away the top of the carbody blank end and the ends appear to be the right distance out with relation to the end of the roof. The nubbins on the inside of the ends had to go, but the height and width match the body perfectly. It appears to me that the prototypes, built in the mid-fifties, have an AAR underframe so I used the IM part from the 10'6" car after removing the extra six inches of height from the body bolster by filing it to the same height as the centersill. I add a piece of .010 material to form the truck bearing surface, which puts the car at about the correct height.

Back to the square corner 5-5, I'm still thinking about that one.

Ron Merrick

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