N&W hoppers on Sherman Hill?

Tim O'Connor

No, not yet.. But how about a C&IM "battleship" gondola
on Tehachapi? With all the railroad videos on Youtube now,
it's easy to get "screen grab" shots of freight cars using
a tool like MWSnap (free download). So maybe it's just a
matter of time before someone spots the proverbial N&W hopper
on Sherman Hill.

Go to 3:14 on this video to see the C&IM gondola. It goes by
fast! (Whoever made the movie simply has no appreciation of
freight cars.) There are other interesting freight cars as well.


Tim O'Connor

P.S. These screen grabs work on a PC because Youtube uses the
Adobe Flash Player that runs in the browser. If you watch a movie
on your PC, the video images are buffered in special memory that
is not accessible and therefore you can't copy them.

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