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Jim Hayes

They never said they didn't have a computer. They said they didn't do email
or internet. But I find that hard to believe too with kids living far away.

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

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Well I guess Joe let the "cat out of the bag"! The Lofton's really do own a
computer. Somehow, over last 4 or 5 years I never thought different, no
matter what was repeated stated on this list.

Paul Lyons

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Mailings are going out as we speak. Martin has had a computer meltdown and
that's why nothing has been sent out yet. I am making the clinician mailing
and Martin is making the attendees mailing.

Some info is on the web-site now:

More info will be put up as soon as we can. Dates are set Oct. 21,22,23,24,

Special room rates also. Lunch and dinner same as last year. We will have
registration form on web-site, please give this info to your friends. Any
other question let me know.

see you there

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Hi Joe,

Just a short note to verify that the Naperville meet is set
and to see if the prices for it have been published. Are
you going to have the Friday night dinner as in the past?

When will the registration sign ups go out? Several here
in the East have been asking as they travel by train and
have to make their Amtrak
reservations now to get the price and space.

I will be making my hotel reservation this week thus
guaranteeing the room early. My contact information is

Thomas M. Olsen
7 Boundary Road, West Branch
Newark, Delaware, 19711-7479
(302) 738-4292 (Home)
(302) 740-2897 (Cell-Verizon)
tmolsen@... <>

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