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Thank you for the information, Victor

Did the special issue give you any insight into Wabash cabooses that might have built during the Gould era? IIRC, George Gould lost control of the roads he controlled (including the Wabash) circa 1911 - 1912. Some of the AC&F cabooses were delivered to Missouri Pacific just about the time Gould was losing control.

The Wabash, purchased or built, forty three 34' wood cabooses in 1910-1911. They added 16 more in 1912. The cars were randomly numbered between 2000 - 2447. Caboose 2229, residing at the Museum of Transport in St Louis, is a 1904 built 28' car.

Regarding the cars in the subject line, cars 2600 - 2624 were built by AC&F in 1925. The Wabash built copies, 2625 - 2644 in 1927, and 2645 - 2653 in 1929.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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