Re: Branchline and other box cars offerings

Andy Carlson

Wasn't that long ago we were lamenting the disappearance of kits as companies such as Intermountain and Red Caboose were moving their production into mostly Factory assembled offerings.

Later, Branchline-Trains, with a rich catalog of pre-finished kits, joined the march into offering RTR cars.

Now we have Intermountain offering ZERO painted/lettered kits, only undecs are available. Same with Red Caboose. Branchline-Trains appears to be moving into only Yardmaster "shake the box" offerings, letting their very acceptable Blueprint line wither down to only undec kits.

When this trend started, I felt that the demise of kits was because the lack of offerings by the builders. Now I believe that they were probable correct, kits sell very poorly. Bye Bye....

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

Said "Gatwood, Elden J SAD ".....


Speaking of Branchline and other kit manufacturers' box car offerings, are
there any plans you know of to offer additional paint and lettering schemes?

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