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From the dealers fliers from Branchline and conversations with my account rep, they are in the process of dumping the remaining passenger cars. Prices are greatly reduced on selected cars. Likewise they have reduced the dealer cost for the Billboard reefers to reduce inventory. The only thing "new" is artwork and numbers for the Yardmaster series. They have been slowly redoing the artwork for these cars and adding 4 new numbers. I know they have been provided photos of 1937 AAR cars in schemes not done in the Yardmaster series (I provided some of them) but they have not produced these cars. If you noticed BL has stopped advertising since Bill left for Rapido.

All of the emphasis on new BL items has been on the laser cut structures. They continue to increase these items..

There were/are plans to introduce new models but nothing has been done beyond plans at this point.

In my opinion, BL is reverting to its roots as a distributor (they began life as Hobby Store Distributors). They have been increasing the manufacturers they are carrying.

Rich Orr

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Speaking of Branchline and other kit manufacturers' box car offerings, are

there any plans you know of to offer additional paint and lettering schemes?

Is there any interest in some of the cars that have not been done recently,

in a better form, like a welded 40-foot box car, 40-foot cars with

overhanging diagonal roofs, cars with odd ends, etc.? At

Branchline/Kadee/(add others) level of quality?

Or are post-war box car offerings now generally believed to be DOA? It seems

like recent offerings are overwhelmingly pre-war.

Elden Gatwood


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