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I had a chance to get to the basement and run some trains. While they ran I got busy with three RTR Proto NKP 50' boxcars with horn hook couplers! replaced them with knuckle ones and noticed a derailment. An Accurail kit, three bay hopper was on the ground. Replaced the trucks with metal wheels and removed the plastic knuckles for #58's.
Got back to operating and noticed the better cars, rivet drooling :-). Turned around to a set of drawers and looked at some stock. Pulled out three wagon top cars, two brass and one heavily worked styrene put them on the track and boy they look good. That drawer has seven M53, four M26, eight mather stockcars and about fourteen other kits. A plastic container with fifty resin kits and another 50 Branchline cars!

What we need are 10' H boxcars with a variety of roofs, doors and ends. There are others.

Mark Morgan

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Ed,I have something like five or six unbuilt kits and three of them are currently under construction.If you have any kits you do not want or do not have time to build please send me your list.Armand Premo

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I think the facts that most model railroaders have 2 lifetime supplies of kits and that they ruin many of those kits when they try to build them are mostly responsible for the demise of kits. Better to buy one built up model and enjoy it on the shelf than have 3 more in boxes in the closet.

Now if we had some new blood coming into the hobby they'd be building up collections of boxes in the closet but that's not the case.

It must be tough on new guys to pay big bucks for everything.

Atleast they're potential customers for kits in the closet.



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