Re: NP Truss Rod Reefers

Tim O'Connor


In general, many roads still rostered truss rod cars into the 1950's and
some could still be found in service in the 1960's.

In my 1950 ORER, NP shows 105 truss rod reefers in service, series 94410-99980.
However 26 of these cars were rebuilt cars, with two interior partitions, one
refrigerated and the other not refrigerated. I will guess these cars were used
for online LCL service. By 1955 the ONLY truss rod reefers left were rebuilds,
in series 99917-99995 -- a total of 77 cars. And incredible as it may seem, in
1959 there were still 55 of these truss rod cars in service.

Look at the ORER entries -- if it says something like "steel center sills" then
it is a truss rod freight car.

ORER speak:

"steel" car -- modern all-steel car
"steel underframe" car -- wood or composite superstructure
"steel center sill" car -- truss rods, wood or composite superstructure

Tim O'Connor

I recently bought a HO scale W&R brass Northern Pacific wood reefer with a "fishbelly" center sill and a truss rod outboard on each side. The car has the standard NP radial roof and a vertical brake staff. It has a 1917 build date and is painted in company service with a 1937 date, I believe the correct number series for these cars were #94400-899; and #94900-95999. Road number of the model is 94564. My question is how long did these car run in revenue service. Looking in my 1944 ORES, it shows 471 cars in these two series and 62 are still shown in the 1950 ORES. I am having trouble believing there were still 62 truss rod reefers running in revenuse service in 1950. Was there maybe a re-numbering in the late 40's? Any info is greatly appreicated.

Paul Lyons

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