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Wasn't M. Dale Newton the Dee in Kadee? I seem to remember that from somewhere in the cobwebs of time.

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Hello, Red Ball & reefer fans: I was recently talking with a person
knowledgeable about Red Ball's operations as an HO freight car kit
manufacturer. The prototypes for almost 100% of Red Ball's approximately 200
kits made by Howell Day in Dunellen, NJ fall into the 1910-1960 period and
almost all of them represent quite accurately their corresponding
prototypes, given the construction methods of WWII HO cars. An interesting
fact is that for one of the kits, there is no prototype. One of the cars
taken over by Howell, when the ownership changed from M. Dale Newton in
1955, was Elwood's Root Beer. Many years ago I learned that there is no
actual Elwood's Root Beer Company, and that MDN made up this carside to
tease one of his employees in Medford, Oregon. Do any of you STMFC members
know any more about this story? And, can you identify any other cars made by
M. Dale or Howell for which there are no prototypes?
I was just thinking that we see the humor in most of the names of fictional
companies put on layout buildings; Some of them are outright side-spltting.
But in this modelling group, we spend enormous time and resources trying to
get every detail of our freight car modelling to match its prototype. For
example, we read on this list in the last week about trying to chase down a
bogus company name on a doctored photo originally used for the purpose of
creating an ad for box car nailable floors. The doctoring attempted to make
the company into a railroad owner. It's an amusing contrast, don't you
think, between the exactness of our approach to freight cars; and, on the
other hand, the free license to rearrange building kits, name them anything
we like, or even free-lance them. I don't have a suggestion to deal with
these two different approaches. I don't even have an opinion-let alone
several different opinions, like some of our friends have. I just thought
you might enjoy the refreshing contrast between constructing cars and

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