Re: Branchline and other box cars offerings

Peter Ness

So, basically what I'm hearing is that I'm fortunate to have a hobby
shop's worth of unbuilt kits in my basement because someday (and it
might be sooner rather than later) there won't be any more kits to buy?
I don't see a problem with my strategy <VBG>

I can sympathize with the "no inventory" group looking ahead to less (if
any) selection of offerings, and it could be true that I might be
subject of an untimely (to me, anyway) demise leaving many kits
untouched. A long time ago I used to get "angry" at almost every kit
manufacturer because they discontinued (plastic) or sold out the limited
run (resin) before I picked one up for my stash. Now I accept it's my
own darned fault for not gettin' while the gettin' was good. I've
learned and adapted and I'm fortunate that for the most part, decals
aren't an issue for roadnames I need. I will scream louder when
brakewheels, roofwalks, trucks and brake gear start to dry up than kits
decorated or otherwise.

For those who have been here for a while, lets not forget before resin
and plastic there was bristol board and balsa and bass wood - and they
weren't called "craftsman" kits, just kits. I think if I didn't have a
huge stash to work off I would invest in detail parts and sheet styrene
and make my own "kits". True, it wouldn't be as satisying or reassuring
to gaze at a stash of styrene sheet instead of a bunch of colorful
boxes, but I think I could make it work for me, and with products like
rivet decals and formed grabs and etched roofwalks, they don't have to
be as "crude" in appearance (except for my own ability).

For those who dearly miss the production of new kits, keep an eye on us
with stashes. I'm reasonably sure I won't part with any until someone
pries the Xacto knife from my cold, dead hand, but after that they will
mostly likely find new owners. Maybe there's some sort of symbiotic
relationship between kit stashers and those that lament the demise of
kits that needs some reaffirmation.


Peter Ness

(reducing my stash the hard way - one kit at a time)

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