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Bill Welch

I don't know Brian, if you are really one thousand, nine hundred and thirty seven years old, I am very impressed that not only can you still build these kit but you are looking into the future.

And you consider yourself relatively young. What a great attitude and perspective!

Bill Welch

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I have 300+ unbuilt kits plastic and resin. I sold two to Armand a while back. Bought some extra's from Clark recently too. I build them as I have time, Yet I am always looking for more to fill in the holes in the fleet. I am also as far as this list is concerned relatively young at 1937.
Seriously though this kit vs. RTR  discussion comes up every 6 months or so, (next week the bananna one will start), we should really turn it into a drinking game, and I don't even drink.
Brian carlson

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At Naperville guys buy arm loads of kits from Martin. Last show a guy was selling his collection. I don't know how many kits there were, but there were a bunch. Maybe more that Martin's inventory?

How many more guys like him are out there with dozens of unbuild kits? Why would they want more?

I might buy something to build at the Nation Train show next month....Got my eye on that F&C little C&O DD. Have documentation of one on my RR with a lumber load. Got two lumber yards on the layout.

Clark "No Kit Stockpile" Propst

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