Re: N&W Hoppers on Sherman Hill??

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Tim O'Connor writes:

Frank Peacock comes through with positive proof of an N&W hopper
on Sherman Hill:

UP Form 2639 shows N&W 78188 ( an H-2 I think) on a coal drag behind 9061E
on 11-23-47 with company coal for Chian. Also Gons or hoppers from MV, MP,
IC, C&IM, Alton, NSS, C&EI, PRR (Big surprise there), SOU, NKP, etc.
FHP (Frank H. Peacock)
MV? Midland Valley? Geeez. How many hoppers did they have? 7? Anyhow, several photos show MP hoppers on Sherman Hill...I'm particularly happy to see them in Laramie cause I kinda like the lettering and slogan. The video Big Boy Collection shows a C&EI hopper in a train heading into Hermosa Tunnel on The Hill and another includes a lone IC hopper...lost no doubt. My favorite photo, however, is found in the large book Union Pacific Railroad in Cheyenne. The photo shows a Challenger led freight on The Hill. Following the Challenger's tender is a lone, lost Lackawanna doubt eager to rejoin its brothers and sisters somewhere east of Toledo...

Mike Brock

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