Re: B&O USRA Box Car Color - 1930's? D&H Caboose Red?


Jason Sanford wrote:

I am in the process of painting a USRA box car for the B&O circa
1930's. The Westerfield directions mention D&H caboose red is a near
perfect match. Only problem is floquil no longer makes this color.
Anyone have any ideas for a sub? Thanks.

I just re-read my Westerfield instructions and they discuss cars painted
"bright red oxide" as the color match for the D&H caboose red. This is
for post-WWII paint and lettering. For the 1930s the B&O used a brown
freight car color with the best example being in a Jack Delano photo of
the Galewood Yard showing the end view of a B&O M-15 wood sheathed car
reasonably clean.

Here is the link to the Shorpy site:

The B&O box car is partially in the shadows. It is the rightmost car in
the third row from the bottom of the photo. It is the best example we
have for this color.

I hope this helps.

Bob Witt

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