Re: demise of kits

Brian Carlson

How the heck did I type that? I'm 37, and just received two more HO P2k flat
cars I purchased from the HO Yardsale group. Those lamenting kits need to
check that group out (Type HO Yardsale in Yahoo groups) also a lot of p2k
kits have been appearing on Ebay at reasonable prices lately, kinda odd,
lots of tank cars. Kits are out there. Plus our own Andy Carlson (No
relation) almost always has kits.

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

Cheektowaga NY


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I don't know Brian, if you are really one thousand, nine hundred and thirty
seven years old, I am very impressed that not only can you still build these
kit but you are looking into the future.

And you consider yourself relatively young. What a great attitude and

Bill Welch

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