Not a continuation of Branchline thread


Yes, I'd love to see someone continue with product design at Branchline. No doubt someone could do a 40' double-door in several door widths (duh, the roof is already designed for that) and a welded-side car in several door widths, and a 9' or 10' door width with big sidesill reinforcement, etc. I have just about finished buying all of the painted kits I'll ever need as a midwestern late 50s-early 60s modeler, and I know that although there may have been a hundred or so paint schemes produced, there are two or three times that many that could have been done that aren't wrong. I have no problem doing some sidesill mods, especially if it's removing material, although there were a few that I declined to buy because the compromises were too much for me. I'll continue to buy undecs for as long as I can get them, because in many ways the Branchline cars are the perfect kit for postwar steel AAR non-proprietary boxcars.

OK, now time for a real question dealing with mechanical issues. I've always fought with the underframe on the 40' car, trying to get it to fit well. I've reamed the bolster holes to give them more lengthwise play, I've been gluing the frame-to-body joint thoroughly, and always had to clamp them firmly to get rid of the gaps. The latest thing I find is that, even with all this effort, there sometimes is still a residual bow in the center. The 50' underframes don't have this problem.

Any thoughts on this?

Ron Merrick

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