Re: Branchline and other box cars offerings


Tim O'Connor wrote:
"Value added"? No, just good old gouging. I was looking at some old
oil heat bills from 10 years ago, when I was paying 99 cents/gallon
for heating oil. This winter I paid around 350 cents/gallon -- but the
dealer's margin is now almost 100 cents/gallon, whereas 10 years ago
he was making maybe 30 cents/gallon.
You can bet that no matter where freight car models are built, that
only 20% or less of the list price is for actual labor costs. And it
may only be 1% or 2% for some freight car models.
Tim O'Connor
The cost of making the cars is low.
It's the quarter of a million dollars UP FRONT to research the car, make and remake the moulds, do the test prints, design the packaging and advertising that makes up the major part of the cost of the final car.

If a manufacturer does not think that they will sell enough models to recoup their UP FRONT costs they won't make the model.

You can have a fantastic model of any car / locomotive / passenger car you want if you are willing to spend the money.

The first model will cost $ 250,000.
The second model will cost $ 5.00 but you don't get the second model without paying for the first one.

Bill Dixon

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