Container shipping, was Branchline kits.

greg snook

Elden, the common container ship size in that case would be in the 4000 to
9000 teu mark. Most ships with capacity greater than that are used in the
Asia-Europe trades.

That said, 50k lbs in a domestic container, especially out of California
would be difficult at best.
43k lbs would be a better average weight, assuming a day cab does the dray
work on both ends.

Greg Snook


You guys are right. The costs of transportation for high value commodities
are a drop in the bucket. One can generally ship one Twenty-Foot Equivalent
Unit (TEU) container from China to the U.S. for about $1000, so all told, it
would be about 1% of the cost of the product, wholesale. Even shipping raw
materials in containers now makes sense.

BTW, what size container ships from LA to Chicago for $1000?

Elden Gatwood

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