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These cars had a tendecy to rust thru above the side sills in side panels.  That is why many recieved partial panel replacements in 1953-54 timeframe.

Builder's photos show they only had a few inches of black overspray at their top insides.

Al Kresse

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There is a great photo of a C&O peaked end gon in one of the Pennsy Diesel
Years books.  The photo was taken from a bridge and you can clearly see the
interior, which is empty.  The interior is all shades of rust, ranging from
light in the center to darker at the edges. Of course you have to also add
trash and old dunnage to make it a gon....

Elden Gatwood

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Would the 40' peaked end C&O gondola hauled coal, or been in general gondola
service, or possibly both? I am trying to decide how to weather the interior.

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