Re: Wabash 50' #19000-19124 Autocar #19000-19124

Tim O'Connor


The Wabash Freight Car Equipment listing of 12/1964 lists many
specs for 19000-19124 but has no column at all for running boards.
But since the cars were built in 1942, wood running boards were
still legal for new car construction at that time.

For the trucks it only says "Bettendorf Self Aligning". I can safely
say they are NOT ASF A-3 or Barber S-2 since the listings show those
under many other cars. So pick a pre-war "Bettendorf" and you'll be

Interestingly the listings show VULCAN trucks used on several groups
of box cars in 1964, including some built in 1960. Wabash sometimes
recycled old trucks on new freight cars.

Tim O'Connor

I am finishing one of the Sunshine "Mini" kits. It is one where a Proto 2000 double door boxcar is converted to a Wabash auto car in the #19000-19124 series. The photo that is part of the instructions is not very clear, therefore, I need a little help to finish it accurately. Can someone tell what trucks were used on the prototype? Also, the instructions says the prototype used a wood running board, but in the photo the running board looks awful "thin" like it might be steel. Can someone confirm the running board on the prototype was wood?

Any and all help is appreciated.
Paul Lyons

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