Re: T&P refrigerator cars #3000 and 3001

Ed Hawkins

On Jun 30, 2010, at 9:08 PM, Thomas Baker wrote:

In 1950 the T&P rebuilt cars 41429 and 41438 into bunkerless
refrigerator cars. The company diagram which is the source of the
information I have tells me that the cars had an IH of 9' 61/2" and cu
ft capacity of 3455, and the cars had plug doors.

Somewhere else I read that the cars were painted "chrome yellow" and
that they had the colored T&P emblem of black/white/red. Can anyone
answer the following questions:

1. Were the cars painted only in chrome yellow, or were the roof and
ends of a different color?

2. One wonders why the company shops built only two cars.

3. Were they built from SS or DS cars? I recall that the T&P had some
DS USRA-type cars, and these might have been the source.

Any help will be appreciated.

I haven't seen a photo of these two T&P insulated box cars, but T&P had
a fair number of 50' insulated box cars on the roster built around
1955-56 having chrome-yellow sides and black ends. I'm not sure about
the roof color. The source was 40' all-steel box cars, series
41200-41449 built by T&P in 1954. They were converted with plug doors
in May 1960. The original box cars had 6' door openings, 10-panel
riveted sides with straight side sills, Improved Dreadnaught ends, and
diagonal panel roofs.
Ed Hawkins

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