InterMountain HO USRA Composite Gons

Paul Hillman

I was looking through the InterMountain kits at the local hobby shop and found their HO USRA Composite Gondolas, and just had to get one. The interior detail looks quite excellent. I've always liked gondola interiors and the IM detail looks really nice. (Actual composite, wood & 'plastic')

I got a CB&Q car with a 1-19 build date. I'd guess several roads still had these cars on the roster in 1950?

One question though about painting / staining the wooden interior. It looks like there is some steel strapping on the car floor, 2 on each drop-door and 2 small, steel straps over each bolster? Were there any other metal parts in the floor?

I haven't located any color photos of car's interiors.

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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