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Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

These handsome cars bring up once again a mystery about the lettering coloring: Sunshine includes very nice all-black decals. However, Gordon Varney produced a very nice model of this car in 8/1946 (B-37) #20069, and the printed Bristol board sides showed both the ROCK ISLAND logo as solid *red* , and ROCKETS in *red*, not black. When Varney produced the same model in its all-metal version c. 1950 (B-60) #20069 , he continued the same red/black lettering pattern. Overall, the combination of silver, red, and black made for a very handsome combination!

Now, Gordon Varney was known to be pretty accurate on his sides, if only because he used his own photographs as a direct, and sometimes exact guide to printing.

Now, I have examined as close as possible the photo of the first of these cars #20060 in V6 of the RPC, but because of of the orthochromatic film used, I am simply unable to discern whether or not the lettering was monochrome black, or was indeed a mixture of black and red. The logo is outline-only, may be either black or red, most probably the former.

So, perhaps these cars had several different lettering color schemes as delivered, OR, the red scheme was replaced later.

As to the truck discussion, note that apparently #20064-9 had roller bearings!

I too have one of the Sunshine kits awaiting it fate. My present inclination is to finish it with Alcad, the difficulty being as to how to neatly paint beforehand -or after- the black ladders and appliances; and then somehow copy the decal set in red so that I can create the red logo and lettering. Advice for the effort in the latter regard invited!


Denny S. Anspach MD

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