Re: Rock Island aluminum box cars

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Denny Anspach wrote:
These handsome cars bring up once again a mystery about the lettering coloring . . . Now, I have examined as close as possible the photo of the first of these cars #20060 in V6 of the RPC, but because of of the orthochromatic film used, I am simply unable to discern whether or not the lettering was monochrome black, or was indeed a mixture of black and red. The logo is outline-only, may be either black or red, most probably the former.
I disagree, Denny. Careful examination of the lettering DOES show some of it a distinct gray, and other a distinct black. It's my observation that the "Route of the Rockets" slogan is gray, and so is the emblem. Presumably these are the red parts.
Modeling, however, is a problem in the absence of appropriate red decals.

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