EVENS Auto-Loaders, was 1937 Automobile cars

Guy Wilber

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<< First, Evans developed the double-deck auto loading rack ca. 1932 and
it immediately doubled the capacity of an automobile car - if the car was
tall enough for Evans racks to be installed. >>

While the EVANS Auto-Loader revolutionized the shipments of automobiles,
double decking or tilting of autos, thus allowing more than two automobiles
per car, pre-dates the first EVANS racks by at least 15 years. The real
advantages of the Auto-Loader were; the reduction of both dunnage and labor
-- not only to construct decking and/or tilting systems, and the actual
loading and unloading of the autos. Other advantages were of course; the
ease in which the racks could be moved into the stored postition to free up
the car for return loading and no removal of dunnage i.e., decking or tilting


Guy Wilber
Sparks, Nevada

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