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Brian and Mark: Hi, the ACF builder's shot (Milton, Sept 1949) of USAX 11907 on p. 105 of Kaminski's book *American Car and Foundry, 1899-1999* looks to have metal rectangular grid walkways (like the Plano retrofit) around the frame (probably) and on the dome step (certainly). Also note that the brackets supporting the dome step were fashioned of steel strap, unlike the supports provided in Plano's kit.

If anyone has any surplus Red Caboose kits in the "Silver, Data Only version" on their shelves you'd like to part with, I wouldn't mind hearing from you. I need to do a few more in the silver USAX and DODX repaint scheme. Regards,

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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Not Navy, US Army Transportation Corps, later DoD. See the April 1996 issue
of RMJ for Richard Hendrickson's article on the cars, includes photos. USAX
had 740 cars in the series 11635-12374 per the article

A photo of one of the tanks in the 1980's shows metal walkways along the
side but this may have been a later addition after the wood rotted since the
photos of an earlier car doesn't show a waffle shadow pattern one would
expect from the lighting angle. Looks wood to me.

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

Cheektowaga NY


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I have read earlier posts and believe that Red caboose 103W offering was a
US Navy model?, if correct could someone lead me to decals and photo. Would
the Navy version have metal walkways like Plano makes?

Bought five of these years ago and have a feeling that might have been a

Mark Morgan

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