Re: Atlas 1932 boxcar...

Tim O'Connor

John, I haven't seen the Atlas cars, but if the Sunshine doors are
accurate, why not just make copy castings of them for use on the
Atlas model? Or is there a technical reason this doesn't work (like
a dimensional issue)?

Tim O'Connor

Thanks for the message. I like your approach to the coupler box problem. I would probably build up more of the Atlas cars if it weren't for that and the doors, and--of course--finding the time to do the job.

I painted my car with Scalecoat BC Red (#1) and masked off the black later. I'm not the world's most patient masker, so I just get it close and touch up any overspray later. I normally use regular masking tape, but I just me some of that Tamiya masking tape and I'm eager to try it out.


John Golden
Bloomington, IN

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