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Steve Lucas <stevelucas3@...>

I bought a couple of these cars yesterday, a Central of Georgia and a Type 1 undec, which should become an MEC or BAR car. (Can anyone recommend decals for either of these roads for theis Atlas car?)

I think that I'll put up with what seems shallow door detail on the GofG car, but will look in my parts box for doors for the undec.

Thanks for all advice, everyone!

Steve Lucas.

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Hi Tim,

I considered doing just that--copy-casting the Sunshine doors and using them on the Atlas model. However, I found that fixing a Sunshine door on the Atlas car would be taking a step backwards because the Sunshine details looked sloppy compared to the Atlas model. I was amazed.

I don't recall there being a dimensional issue with the doors.

It's heresy to complain about a Sunshine model among the faithful, but quite frankly the details on the Atlas model are very clear and sharp, even if not totally accurate, and they make some the details on the Sunshine car look "blobby". I found the same problem recently when finishing an ACL 1937 box car. Mont sent me some doors copied from a Sunshine kit to finish an ACL O-25, but they looked terrible against the Red Caboose carbody. I simply cut off the Union Duplex rollers and fixed them to the RC doors to get the door I wanted. I think Mont ended up doing the same thing.

Incidentally I have not noted this detail disparity with Westerfield or Speedwitch products.


John Golden
Bloomington, IN

--- In STMFC@..., Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@> wrote:

John, I haven't seen the Atlas cars, but if the Sunshine doors are
accurate, why not just make copy castings of them for use on the
Atlas model? Or is there a technical reason this doesn't work (like
a dimensional issue)?

Tim O'Connor

Thanks for the message. I like your approach to the coupler box problem. I would probably build up more of the Atlas cars if it weren't for that and the doors, and--of course--finding the time to do the job.

I painted my car with Scalecoat BC Red (#1) and masked off the black later. I'm not the world's most patient masker, so I just get it close and touch up any overspray later. I normally use regular masking tape, but I just me some of that Tamiya masking tape and I'm eager to try it out.


John Golden
Bloomington, IN

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