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Were RDG hoppers ever used to ship bituminous coal shipped from the B&O?
Are you asking if reading hoppers even got routed onto the B&O and were
loaded at a mine served by the B&O? If so, of course. I saw many RDG
hoppers on both B&O and PRR.

Any off road hoppers?
You could have seen just about anything, but of course, nearby roads were
best represented.

How does "HO" scaled bituminous coal differ in appearance from "HO" scale
anthracite? I'd expect the later to be very shiny (glossy) - even to the
extent of using actual anthracite.

Yes, bituminous is fairly dusty looking, and chunks of anthracite could tend
to be shinier. There are model loads that represent both well.

Elden Gatwood
Thanks for you reply.

I've heard that some roads like C&O requested that their hoppers be returned empty and not loaded off line. Do you know of other roads with this policy?

I can't recall seeing a C&O hopper in any SE anthracite region photos.


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