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You are correct sir, there are no tie down cables. The kit includes a spool of
thread, but having tried thread before (look at the PRR flat with the pole load)
I thought of using wire from the stake pockets to the wheels and still may try
that sometime. But, I was so happy to be done with them I grabbed the only flat
I had empty and glued them on it to get them off my desk! I didn't even notice
the car wasn't weathered until I was sent the jpeg a friend scanned of the
slide. I was halfway finished with these when I learned Life-Like had the same
tractors RTR reasonably priced, plus Oddball had decals for them. If I hadn't
spent $30 for them I would have dropped them in the trash.
I did build the tractors assembly line style. I wish I had completed one
first. I'm unhappy with the rear wheels, I would have preferred to have them on
the other way around (the wheels on these tractors were reversible) so I could
have messed them up even more by painting silver on them.
I would like to say there are three reasons for having my models on Ted's fine
site. 1) Ted asked from them. 2) I tried to choose non resin models that weren't
all box cars 3) I wanted people to see the images and be inspired rather than
intimidated. In other words, have them think to themselves "I can build that
car" or "I can do better than that".
PS One time only, it's ProPst

ian clasper wrote:

I took a look at the shot of Clark's model, and it looks good. Had this
model featured in the article, I would be praising it's virtues ! The photo
does not show any roping however it may well be there and I just cannot see
it in the photo.

When building multiple identical models, I prefer to build them all together
rather than individually. Most parts can be worked in batchs, such as
wheels, body work etc. Working this way makes the job more bearable and

Ian Clasper

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In spite of its faults, the article should still help spur me on to
continue my Sunshine tractor load. There's also Clark Probst's tractor load
at Ted's site, and 4-tractors-on-a-42-foot-flat modeled in a recent RMJ.
The last one I liked the best-- I have the first tractor 90% done (ready to
paint) and the second one 75% done. Building a third and a fourth, I think
I can handle. A fifth and a sixth-- I'd rather not.
And I have the PM freight car book, so I can see just how to modify the
Red Caboose flat (couldn't quite follow the brake alterations in Richard's
RMJ article.) So the next time I see a kit in PM lettering, I better snap
it up. May even have it finished before year's end!
Scott Pitzer

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