Re: W&LE gon and great load

Ray Breyer

How long did these cars last, and were all repainted
in NKP paint?
Elden Gatwood
IIRC, they were, but after 1953 as well as renumbered
to higher numbers. Also, changed to 70 ton cap. Maybe
Fred Freitas

Hi guys,

My records are showing that these cars did NOT ever make it into NKP paint. The 1/1950 ORER shows 362 cars in the 72000-72999 series, but the 1/1951 ORER only shows 150 cars. By 1955 the number series was assigned to two different (and larger) gon series, and there were no other gons with a 47'7" OL on the roster. The slightly longer 71000-series gons DID make it into NKP paint; I have a photo of 71830 being switched by NKP Hudson 173, some time around 1956/1957.

Hope this helps!
Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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