Re: Atlas 1932 boxcar...

Bryan Busséy

Tim, do you have a URL link or source to BAR 5387 in the SoM scheme?
That would be an interesting car to model.


On 7/10/2010 10:41 AM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

Steve, why not? BAR and MEC were Class 1 railroads and their cars
travelled all over the country.

The MEC never used the red/white/blue "State of Maine" scheme.

The BAR applied it to some 1932 cars (for example, BAR 5387). BAR even
applied it to some rebuilt single sheathed box cars (e.g. BAR 2904).

At certain times of year (typically summer/fall) BAR reefers could be
seen anywhere you'd see a PFE reefer, as PFE borrowed them during the
heaviest packing season for loading in California.

Tim O'Connor

I never thought that I'd have to pay such close attention to the P&L
scheme of a road the size of the BAR or MEC.

Which leads to another question-any chance that either roads' 1932
cars would have carried the red/white/blue "State of Maine" livery in

Thanks in advance, Steve Lucas.

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