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Kurt Laughlin wrote:
This is one of those annoying misnomers that probably bugs me as much "Bettendorf trucks", "outside framed boxcar", or "PRR X-29 boxcar" does others. (*)

There are three directions on a cylinder: axial/longitudinal, radial, and tangential/circumferential. Most riveted tank cars have longitudinal seams, some had circumferential seams. The only radial seams would be those caused by making the heads out of multiple pieces. Some have suggested that radial refers to the direction of the rivet axes on circumferentially seamed cars, but that would be true for longitudinal seams as well.
You're entirely right, Kurt, and I've reflected on this too, but so many people use "radial" that I'm afraid I've slipped and said so too on occasion. At least there WERE Bettendorf trucks. <g>

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