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I've noticed big variations in quality of Sunshine kits for a number of years in appearance, fit and instructions.

I think this is due to different men making the masters. This is kind a a shadow topic (at least for me). I know Frank Hodina is given credit for some of the kits and I've always been impressed with anything from him.
Charlie Slater does the Santa Fe patterns for Martin, and they seem to be of excellent quality.

Earlier in this thread someone mentioned F&C as the originator of Sunshine's 1932 boxcar patterns, and no one refuted it. F&C did 1932 boxcars for one or more of the small New England resin kit marketers (Yankee Clipper, RPI Shop, Steam Shack) and of course for themselves, but I think the F&C - Sunshine relationship ended long before Martin brought out the Sunshine version. (The rights to the earliest Sunshine models cast by F&C reverted to F&C when the demand tailed off after the initial burst and Martin couldn't justify reordering the quantities needed - on a continuing basis - to retain the rights. Hindsight tells us that that was the classic demand curve for resin kits, peaking in the first three months and then dropping to almost nothing. But at the time, most everything but brass models was always available and sold steadily, and I suspect Martin thought it would be the same for resin kits. Now, everyone knows better.)

Tom Madden

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