Speaking of flat car loads

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Speaking of flat car loads, anyone know of the rules [ in our period, of
course ] for people riding the loads? I am aware that military personnel did
ride in vehicles at times [ I'm assuming this occurred when an active unit
was moved ] but, in this case, I'm curious about active MOW equipment rather
than a new piece being transported. For example, UP Steam Eastern District,
Smoke Over the Divide part, pg 91, shows a bulldozer on a flat car being
moved by a 2-8-8-0. No caboose, mind you, just the flat car. There are two
guys on the dozer. Stops are placed at the end of the dozer and the only
other visible means of stabilizing the dozer are wood stakes in the pockets
where the dozer sits...which, BTW, is at one end of the car.

I aluded earlier to a flat care with tractors having a combination of
loading techniques. What I meant is that the tractors are not placed
strictly according to one of the positioning patterns, but appear to use at
least 2.

Mike Brock

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