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Dennis Williams

I think that Sunshine Models, Wright Trak, Westerfield, Rail Yard, F&C, Sylvan, Smoky Mountain to name a few, try hard to keep a hobby affordable and available. By the way, before I get too far I would like to thank ALL the masters for their hard work and talents.  Please drop me a line, I would like to talk sometime. With well over 300 kits built from all different manufactures, some are more difficult than others. 
  I built 3 of the same Sunshine kits which 2 were very easy to assemble.  The 3rd was a nightmare!!!  The sides were of different lengths and warpage.  Let's not forget the kit that took over 24 hours total time to build. I would like to thank that master, personally. LOL.
  The kits now are much easier to work with than the earlier ones.  Remember THE 1st one from Sunshine??  MoPac gon.  Rough kit compared to the Quick-kits of today.  This is what keeps our modeling skills sharp!!
  We are loosing a few good companies here and there from low interest in modeling (RTR)and retirement. Finding parts for custom work can be difficult.
  Let's keep building!!
  We can not wait to meet some of the modelers on this group in Naperville this October.
  Dennis Williams/Owner

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Well, I didn't intend to open anything up, but I have been dissatisfied with quite a number of Sunshine offerings over the years. I'm thankful Martin does what he does and does it well, but I have had occasional trouble over the years with detail rendition and fit.
I've noticed big variations in quality of Sunshine kits for a number of years in appearance, fit and instructions.

I think this is due to different men making the masters. This is kind a a shadow topic (at least for me). I know Frank Hodina is given credit for some of the kits and I've always been impressed with anything from him.

I'm glad Sunshine shows a picture of the built up models.

Ed Mines

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