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pullmanboss <tcmadden@...>

this is the highest I've ever seen for a Sunshine mini-kit
(basically a Tichy box car with new ends & fishbelly)
Among the multitude of almost-finished projects on my workbench is a Sunshine mini-kit for converting an IM 10'-6" IH boxcar into a 1942 MoP ACF car. So far the project has absorbed the mini-kit, one IM undec boxcar kit, one RC/IMWX roof, 6 RC bracket grabs, 4 A-Line sill steps, 1 Tichy AB brake set, 4 Tichy turnbuckles (for brake rod clevises - clevii?), 1 Kadee Apex roof walk, 2 Hi-Tech Details air hose assemblies, 4 scratchbuilt ladders and 1 pair Accumate scale couplers. Trucks (with semi-scale wheelsets), brake wheel and brake step, and painting & lettering still to come. Yes, the mini-kit wasn't all that expensive, but add in all the other stuff, and an assembly time just as great as for a full resin kit, and a $100-plus price tag seems more than reasonable.

Tom Madden

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