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Richard Townsend

John Pryke did a series (later put into a book) in MR on the Union Connecting or something like that. I think it was based on Boston. A look at the Kalmbach Publishing Co website shows it is "Building City Scenery for Your Model Railroad" That may be what you are thinking of. Bob Smaus also did a series in MR on the Port of Los Angeles.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

--- In STMFC@..., Joseph Lofland <jjlofland@...> wrote:

I need some help.

I am trying to find (remember) the name of an article / author.
I believe it also was made into a supplemental publication.
I can't find what I had saved.

The topic was industrial/ city switching in the streets with tight
turns/ crossovers etc. Like down on the water front, I believe it was
an MR publication. Not sure.

It was done quite a few years ago.

Can anyone give me some suggestions to look up?

Joe Lofland

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