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Michael Aufderheide

The 1948-49 Monon conductor logs I have show WAB to Lafayette Jct, CIL to Louisville in 7000 and 9000 series DTI gons.   I don't have shipper or consignee information, but I know that many Ford parts had this same routing to their plant in Louisville. 
Mike Aufderheide

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Earlier than your time period, but the October 1948 ORER lists Wabash gondolas
fitted for frame loading:

16 cars in the series 12500 - 12599 for Mercury-Lincoln frames;
35 cars in the same series for Ford passenger frame loading; and
101 cars in the series 13000 - 13249 for "Gear Frame" loading (ORER's quotes),
whatever that is.  These were differentiated from other cars in the series
with the A.A.R. Mechanical Designation GBS.

As Mr. Hendrickson, the PRR had gondolas with racks for frames.  I recall a
photo in "The Pennsy" magazine of a DT&I gondola with frames at a Ford assembly
plant in Chester, PA in the the mid-50s.

Lou Whiteley


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Subject: [STMFC] Auto Frames Shipped in Gondollas...

...specifically the Wabash in the early 50's. Thought this type of service was
common on the Wabash, there seems to be a lack of photo documentation.

What cars would be fair game and would other road's cars be used too? Were these
cars usually in captice service?

Thanks in advance
Victor Baird
Fort Wayne, Indiana

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