Re: Tichy P&LE Rebuilt Boxcar - need some painting help

Tim O'Connor

CDS did a very nice lettering set for this car -- #457


At 7/12/2010 10:26 AM Monday, you wrote:
From another MoPac modeler - I too did one of those cars. It was probably my first rebuild car, since I did that one before I did the first of the Sunshine rebuilds. I solved the problem of the crummy decals by heavily weathering the car.

Another solution that comes up years after I solved the problem the first time. I'm not complaining, since I regularly pull cars off the layout and do some other upgrade to them that I didn't know about the first time or didn't have at the time I built the car. Better trucks are a good example of this. I may have another example in a few weeks, if my test goes according to plan.

Ron Merrick

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Richard - thanks for the NYC information; I built this car years ago when it was first released using the poorly done decals by Tichy. When I saw Jerry Glow had made an improved P&LE/PMcK&Y decals set for this car <snip>

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