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Al Brown writes:

"I'm uploading a photo of this car to a new album called "UTLX X-3" in the photo section, currently awaiting our moderator's approval."

Photos uploaded to the photo section are required by Yahoogroups [ and the law ] to have their copywrite owned by the person uploading the photo. In the past Yahoogroups would notify the group moderator/owner [ Jeff Aley and myself ] that a photo was awaiting approval for placement in the photo section. Approval is required to ascertain that the person uploading the photo owns copywrite. As far as I can tell, unknown to me, notification to Jeff and I by Yahoo ceased at some time later than March 18 of this year and prior to May. Hence, I was not aware of Al's photo [ I believe I have held his tank car in my hand so, obviously, I have no doubt that he owns copywrite to the photo ] and several other photos awaiting approval. I have now approved those that appear to not have a copywrite issue. Members that have photos still pending should notify me that they own copywrite.

Since it appears that Yahoo will not be notifying Jeff and I that a photo is awaiting approval, please send us a message indicating such at the address:


I realize that some might find copywrite issues to be both bothersome and a detraction but it is the law of the land.


Mike Brock

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