Re: Auto frames in gons

Steve Salotti

Here's a little more information (at least on the East Coast) about gons. I model the NYS&W in 1949. There was a large Ford assembly plant in Edgewater(the siding inside this plant has been reported to have held 27 cars). Included in my collection of paper about the railroad are conductors wheel reports for two days in 1954, April 13th and 14th. There are several trains from Passaic Junction (Erie interchange) to WS, little Ferry Yard. Noted among the long list of cars are the following Wabash gons:
4/12/'54 Train 1: cars 12592, 12501 with the report listing them as "parts".
Train 2: cars 12547& 12542, called auto parts.

4/13/54 Train 1 all listed as empties cars 12542, 12518, 12547, & 12580. Note that 2 cars were emptied over night and now are going back for another load.

The 1953 ORER lists these cars as 52' 6" steel gons with wood floors and drop ends. My guess would be these cars were fitted with racks to load frames. Now does that mean I have to take apart the old style pile of frames I made and add racks? Anyone have a photo of these cars in such service?


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