Re: Model Railroad Magazine index is no more

Tim O'Connor


Why does it have to be non-profit? If the information is so valuable,
why wouldn't people be willing to pay a small fee to use it? You're
talking about potentially thousands of hours of work (to add photo or
facsimile images and spend all the time effort & money for permission
to do that).

The original index was created by a fellow who brought his Apple II to
train shows and would print out searches for you. I remember buying two
printouts at the 1991 NMRA show for GN and SP articles. Then he later
sold his software + indexes for MS-DOS -- I bought those too and still
have the floppies!

Tim O'Connor

I know that is a very tall order but if a non-profit group took over the index at least the filling out of the index and correction of the errors (and bringing it forward to current issues) could be done by splitting up the work among many people. As magazines were finally digitized the index could be applied to make the images searchable.

There is a lot of valuable material in the old magazines but few have access to them. I am trying to complete my collection (I have MR complete back to about 1945) but finding old issues at reasonable prices is hit or miss. Finding old Railroad Model Craftsman and other titles is even more difficult.

Charlie Vlk

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