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Tim O'Connor wrote:

The original index was created by a fellow who brought his Apple II to
train shows and would print out searches for you. I remember buying two
printouts at the 1991 NMRA show for GN and SP articles. Then he later
sold his software + indexes for MS-DOS -- I bought those too and still
have the floppies!
Tim, that sounds like Data Train of Texas, and I think the seller was Larry Puckett. I too bought that database at the 1991 Denver NMRA National. But I think someone else was the originator of the database Kalmbach later bought, because I abandoned Data Train and stopped buying the annual suppliments when the other one became available online for free.

When it comes right down to it, the members of this group, and others like it, are excellent guides/indexes to what's out there, and where to find it. In some instances even better than a structured database, because we can understand poorly-defined search terms, like "the article was in an issue that had a red Swift reefer on the cover", or "the author later wrote an article on brake cylinder head gaskets". The recent (successful) search for a specific article on industrial switching is a case in point.

Tom Madden

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